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Blessed Ceferino Gimenez Malla

Ceferino Jiminez Malla, also known as “El Pelé”, “the Strong One” or “the Brave One” was killed in Barbastro (Spain) with many priests, brothers and Catholic lay people during the religious persecution during the Spanish civil war.



“Serve God with gladness” Gipsy pastoral manual

The Gipsy pastoral manual of the Blessed Ceferino Institute entitled “Serve God with gladness” was published in autumn of 2019.


Blessed Ceferino Istitute

Our Planned Programs

Within the framework of the project Gipsy pastoration in the Carpathian Basin, the Blessed Ceferino Institute organises meetings for priests, monks and teachers of religion. Here, in the form of lectures, workshops and conversations there is the possibility to share good practices and swap of ideas. In addition to building personal contacts, there are joint praying circles to complement the meetings. During such study trips a gipsy community is also visited.


Blessed Ceferino Istitute

Gipsy Pastoration in the Carpathian Basin

In the spirit of “increasing the social sensitivity of clerical and civilian experts” as it is intended in the title, to raise the awareness of the results achieved in the field of psychological care of disadvantaged and poor groups in society, to make good practices known to the participants, to encourage the reception and cooperative capacities of church communities through staff members of existing institutions.